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The fact is that inflammation can not exist without water. Any sore spot is swollen (swollen with water). Sooner or later you need to buy steroids. Only enough water medium can multiply the microorganisms: germs and viruses. Water scarcity is extremely damaging to the inflammation. The human body is able to withstand 10-day water deprivation (low motor activity and high temperature). Microbes without water perish instantly. Oddly enough, the body itself is capable of synthesizing water. It takes oxygen from the air and the hydrogen from the adipose tissue. Therefore, during the "dry" fasting weight loss can reach 3 kg a day, but only at the expense of water.

I must say that the body has also identified "water reserves". The skin is deposited alone to 2 liters of water. There are water reserves in certain body cavities (serous cavities), some of the internal organs. At the very least, but even with the active motor mode, the body always hold 5 days and only then begin fainting related to blood pressure reduction.

The method of "dry fasting" scientifically justified. Ask any bodybuilder, do they have steroids for sale? Leningrad Institute of Pulmonology, issued guidelines for the treatment of dry fasting lung diseases. The Ministry of Health officially permitted a 3-day dry fasting even without bowel cleansing as a means for the treatment of inflammatory lung diseases.

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As I said, the treatment efficiency in the use of "dry" hunger is 2-3 times higher than that of water. Use of legal anabolic steroids would eventually become the definitive success. Acute respiratory infections can be cured in just one day. Influenza 2-3 days. Pneumonia in 4-5 days. Of course, subjective dry fasting is transferred rather difficult and is accompanied by weakness. However, I have met people who have it during the dry fasting the weakness is completely absent and even appeared mild euphoria. Sometimes the athlete is put in such conditions, when the time for the conventional treatment, and even normal fasting almost gone. Then it makes sense to use a dry starvation. Recovery of dry fasting is carried out exactly as after the usual. When flights or journeys with transfers in complicated conditions, when there is no possibility of even clean the intestines, you can attempt to dry fast without bowel cleansing. First steroids for sale you find was delivered relatively fast. Subjectively, this fasting is tolerated much worse, but the anti-inflammatory result will be exactly the same, and because the treatment itself due to the high efficiency takes very little time, and the recovery period is small too. In the end, it can be used to restore the most common products and only in very small quantities.

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Starvation treatment does not preclude other measures of therapeutic effects, especially local. Few people know that those inhalers, which are sold in every pharmacy for the treatment of bronchial asthma can be successfully used for the treatment of influenza, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, and indeed all diseases of the respiratory system.Our large assortment welcomes you to buy steroids.

Fasting goes well with physiotherapy, igloukalyvaniemi, acupressure and other treatments are not contraindicated during the course of fasting. Short fasting as "wet" and "dry", can be successfully used not only in the treatment of colds, but also in all those cases where there is any internal organ inflammation (and also external). Bodybuilders agreed to find steroids for sale. Fasting with equal success to treat boils and skin liver inflammation (hepatitis), inflammation of the inner ear and inflammation of the periosteum. Regardless of the location of the inflammatory effect is always very good.

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